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Ruggedized Sensor Integration Module with CANBus

Ruggedized Sensor Integration Module with CANBus


Elevate your outdoor robotics and sensor integration projects with the Stele Tech ST-RSIM-CAN. This ruggedized module, featuring an STM32-based, Arduino-compatible microcontroller, is your solution for reliable and versatile connectivity. With CAN FD, UART, I2C, and SPI interfaces, plus programmable digital and analog I/O pins, it's built to accommodate a wide range of sensors and peripherals. Encased in a durable aluminum enclosure, the ST-RSIM-CAN thrives in harsh environments, offering a wide input voltage range (12-48V DC) and advanced features like high-speed CAN communication and intelligent power management.

Software Made Simple: Streamline your development process with our comprehensive Arduino library and SDK. Effortlessly handle communication between the ST-RSIM-CAN and other modules, ensuring rapid integration and customization for your specific needs.

Compatible with Arduino, SparkFun MicroMod, and Adafruit Feather platforms, the ST-RSIM-CAN is the ideal choice for engineers and developers working on autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, and remote monitoring systems. Order now to unleash the power of ruggedized sensor integration with Stele Tech.

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