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Ruggedized PoE++ IP67Gigabit Network Switch

Ruggedized PoE++ IP67Gigabit Network Switch


The Stele Tech Ruggedized PoE++ IP67 Network Switch is an advanced, highly robust Ethernet switch designed to meet the stringent demands of industrial environments. It features four high-power Power over Ethernet (PoE++) ports and one standard Ethernet port, providing a versatile solution for applications that require both data connectivity and power delivery over a single network cable.

Engineered for reliability, the switch is encased in an IP67-rated aluminum enclosure, ensuring protection against dust ingress and temporary immersion in water. This makes it an ideal choice for deployment in outdoor or harsh industrial settings where exposure to environmental elements is a concern.

A standout feature of this switch is its advanced CANbus-controlled port management, which allows for precise control over the power output and the ability to remotely toggle ports on and off. This level of control ensures optimal performance and efficiency, making it a key asset for managing connected devices in complex industrial systems.


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