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Dominic Milano


Dominic is a visionary with a passion for leading and supporting others through complex product and services innovation.

Dominic's journey with engineering began at the age of 12 as an apprentice in a Bay Area engineering firm. It was there that he trained firsthand in engineering that specialized in Formula Atlantic Championship cars and learned what it meant to work with a high-performance driven team.

While earning his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Dominic formed a Formula SAE competition team and the team received recognition for innovation and execution in design in a highly competitive arena. It was during this time that his fascination and interest in agriculture grew. He joined one of the most technologically advanced agriculture companies in the Central Valley looking to make the largest impact possible in advanced automation for the industry.


His innovations are derived from techniques learned in race car engineering, a theoretical background in machine learning, AI, and machine learning algorithms and through Stele Tech he is fully committed to furthering world-class automation.

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