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COO and Co-Founder

Soummya joined Stele Tech to serve as its COO. Prior to his career in Agriculture Technologies. Soummya led organizations in Mechanisms and Motion Control for Aerovironment where he was the head of large multi-disciplined engineering teams. Most recently Soummya was an engineering leader for Blue River Technology/John Deere where he was project manager for the hardware development of the See and Spray product-line. Before actively engaging in organizational leadership Soummya helped with the design of ground vehicles like the SUGV for iRobot and Unmanned Air Vehicles like the A160 Hummingbird for Boeing.


While studying at UC Berkeley for his B.S. and M.S. degrees, Soummya helped design the BLEEX exoskeleton which made an appearance in the Guiness Book of World Records in 2006. Soummya started his career in alternative energy working on Wind Turbines for GE, after which he went into Space and Aerospace mechanisms development for Boeing and Northrop. While employed there, he obtained his MBA at UCLA's Anderson School.


Soummya enjoys working on rapid development of integrated systems that have an impact on the environment. In his spare time Soummya likes to travel and spend time with his wife and dog Sento.

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